Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dilbert All The Way

I have become a hopeless,lifelong fan of Scott Adams.The genius who gave the world Dilbert and Co.My roaming eye caught "When Body Language Goes Wrong" one day and as I sat down to read it,I knew I had hit upon pure gold.In less than five minutes,I was rolling in my chair,laughing my head off,much to the consternation and concern of two of my coworkers who had chosen that very moment to enter the vicinity. Adams has created a world of characters,situations and places which are very familiar to anyone who has worked/is working in a corporate setup.

Humor is firmly tongue-in-cheek and the characters say those very things which every corporate employee wishes to say to his boss,but is too scared/inhibited/wants to live.

Adams's characters go about the daily humdrum of corporate life in a humdrum manner.Dilbert,Dogbert,Ratbert,Alice,Asok the intern (poor intern:-) and Wally slip in and out of situations like an eel through oily fingers.Many topics are touched upon,ranging from bad management to corporate jargon to powerpoint presentations to projects that never take off.

Some of the titles of his books:
Cubes and Punishment
Journey to Cubeville
This is the part where you pretend to add value
Casual Day has gone too far
Another Day in the Cubicle Paradise
Problem Identified:And You're Probably Not Part of The Solution

and many more gems like these.

Doesn't matter who you are,what you work as and whether or not you actually work.Pick up any Dilbert book and you're guaranteed hours of sublime laughter alongwith a generous dollop of ideas which will start germinating in your mind.Dilbert is the cure for all maladies,period.Go,pick one now.

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